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photo of artist working in studio

Sculptor, painter and installation artist, Sierra Pecheur studied at Pomona College, San Francisco Art Institute, and Santa Monica College of Design, Art, and Architecture. She is known for her magnum opus, DIG, using the metaphor of an archeological dig to challenge the propaganda of myth.


In a series of continually evolving installations or Dig Sites, over 2,000 pieces, including ceramic skulls, bones, hearts, and canopic jars, are used to confront history and give voice to the marginalized and unspoken.

While she has been a painter for the entirety of her career, Pecheur works primarily in clay. “Clay dates us in history, the fundamental theme of all my work. History is revealed in the form of earth’s dirt, annealed by fire. Clay is the earth. It's alive and seductive, and has, as does the human being, both strength and fragility.


Three major installations, DIGAngels For The Afflicted, and PUMP have thus far been mounted as well as numerous smaller Dig Sites and participatory workshops, including those at Side Street Projects, Xiem Gallery in Pasadena, and St. Joseph’s Center in Santa Monica.


Born in Hawaii, Pecheur lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work is included in numerous private collections and has been shown in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and Helena, Montana.

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